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British Yew & Holly, Lidded Vessel
Walnut and Aluminium, Lidded Vessel
British Yew & Holly, Fluted Vessel
British Oak & Pure Copper, Lidded Box
Lidded Box, "The Tesseract"
Lidded Box, "La Boîte Noire"
British Yew & Holly, Hollow Form. "The Triffid"
British Holly, "Viking Feasting Cup"
British Yew & Holly, Lidded Hollow Form.
Maple Burr/Burl, & Easter Egg Box.
British Cherry & Boxwood, Hollow Form.
Maple, "Absence of Absinthe"
Maple, Gold Leaf on Live Edge
Maple, Incense Holder
Maple, "Romanesque Style Jug"
Yew & Holly, Sphere Lidden Box
British Yew & Holly
Green &Gold Leaf, Lidded Vessel
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