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 I live in Southern England surrounded by the Chiltern Hills, an area renowned for it's woodlands and woodworkers. Using only locally gathered timber and learning an art from generations of skilled woodworkers I create hand turned unique pieces which can be either classical or modern in their design. My turning of only locally gathered timber and using British manufactured eco-friendly colours/dyes then finishing with food/toy safe waxes is a simple ethos, this enables me to achieve the smallest carbon footprint I can and retains any Co2 stored in the wood as art rather than it being released through industrial processing and by participating in the planting of new native trees for the enjoyment of future generations completes the cycle.

 A simple ethos, which reduces the need for imported woods and doesn't deprive other peoples of their own locally grown timbers, providing all of us with a greener and more sustainable world. Turning woods that are local to you is both ethical and ecological.

Gather local wood, it's totally cool.



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